In this Tutorial you learn how to make Glass Text Effect. Collect the Source file of this tutorial. Step – 1 Take a new Document on your Photoshop which you need. Here we use 1280 x 720 pixel Canvas size, Resolution: 72 and Color Mode: RGB . We also use background color is #d34ffe . You can use this color code. Now ready your Document to create Glass Text Effect. Step – 2 Now Write Any Text with Black Color on this Canvas & then make sure Text Fill Color is “0” . After this setting We have to give Bevel & Emboss Effect on Text. Go to Structure under Bevel & Emboss effect and change Style ->Inner Bevel, Technique -> Smooth, Deepth -> 200%, Direction -> UP, Size -> 15 px, Soften -> 1, Go to Shading under Bevel & Emboss effect and change: Angle -> 120 degree Check…    read more